Application Development

We have been engaged in developing top class tailor-made Desktop, Web and Mobile applications that are serving our clients operating in different fields and businesses. Our team understands the exact requirement and with the implementation of these apps the client need not have to compromise, in terms of performance and productivity, anymore.

Mobile Applications

iworxs has a full stack mobile app development team. Our vision is to build strong and long-lasting relationships with customers. With more than 100 apps successfully delivered for various industry domains, including Healthcare, Social Networking, Retail, Education and so forth, we offer dedicated mobile app developers to help transform and derive every scale of business.

Native App Development

Our full-stack Android and iOS developers help you manage and streamline the business operations effectively. We develop feature-rich, custom mobile applications based on the requirements.

Hybrid App Development

We develop custom hybrid apps for our customers using React Native, Flutter, and other technologies as well.

Our Expertise.
Location based Apps Augmented Reality Social Networking/IM Apps IOT(Beacons) Rest API development App Analytics Deep links
Android IOS Flutter Ionic React Native Crashlytics Firebase Realtime Database Firebase Cloud Messaging

The aim of this app is to support patients who are undergoing seed brachytherapy as part of their prostate cancer.

Key Features
  • With the help of questionnaires, side effect management is standardized and improved.
  • At any point in the follow-up care, the attending physician has an insight into the side effects of the therapy and can plan further treatment as required.



The guidance system for campers looking for camping and mobile home spaces.

Key Features
  • With CAMPFINDO you avoid a time-consuming search for a suitable parking space in the numerous apps or on various websites as well as unnecessary reservation requests for spaces that are already booked.


Taxi App

An online transport facility application helping users to get different types of vehicles.

Key Features
  • An application that helps users to book different vehicles.
  • Options to choose different vehicles with a wide range of ride types.
  • Developed in iOS and Android.

iOS, Android, .NET Framework, MongoDB, SQL server, Crashlytics, Firebase Realtime Database, Firebase Cloud Messaging.

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Bike Parking App

An automated parking app for your bikes.

Key Features
  • An automated parking app.
  • Users can subscribe mode of parking.
  • An automated parking app.

Flutter, Firebase Realtime Database, Stripe SDK, Dart, Java, Swift, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Stripe Payment Gateway, Firebase, OPC UA Server, OPC UA Client, SMS Gateway, SQL Server database.


An application developed for visualization of network procedures with statistical analysis.

Key Features
  • Application for visualizing network procedures.
  • Users can view and manage the production of solar power.
  • Developed in iOS and Android.

iOS, Android, PHP


An application for waste management.

Key Features
  • Option to search waste management centers.
  • Find on lost items.

IOS, Android

Case Study

An application helps to find friends.

Key Features
  • Users can find friends of their interests.
  • Option to play games with friends.
  • Designed to run on iOS and Android.

IOS, Android

Merchandising App

Application used to aid in monitoring retail store data.

Key Features
  • Searching of customers in offline mode is available.
  • Call reports will be stored locally in case of no internet connection (Offline feature).
  • Offline login feature for users who have logged in at least once.

iOS, Android, Flutter, Java (Backend), SpringBoot, Airwatch Mobile device management platform, Test Flight


Learning app used for studying German laws.

Key Features
  • The My JEM app offers the users a unique time and task management system.
  • It allows the users to learn, revise and bookmark the topics of study and gives them an overview of tasks.
  • The My JEM repeat system reminds the user daily and supports him/her for the effective revision of all topics.
  • The user can plan their daily tasks efficiently and finally win the "fight against forgetting".

iOS, PHP(Backend)


Utility application for sailors who go for long/short sailing expeditions for leisure/business purposes.

Key Features
  • The application manages almost all aspects required in sailing.
  • This app keeps records of food, inventory, shopping list, trips list and route, power consumption record etc.
  • It also manages sailors' complete details, including their personal/work and documents like passport etc.
  • Additional utilities include wind scales, navigation, unit converters, translators, MOB tool, anchor assists etc.


Web Applications

We develop software and web utilities for various industries. Many years of application development has exposed us to the best industry standards and practices. This experience and deep knowledge of our company and our clientele has allowed us to create our own flexible and reliable methodology.

ASP.NET MVC PHP JAVA Angular React Node.JS Vaadin HTML 5
Trustner Chat Application

Trustner Chat app is chat application developed on DotNet UWP which run on Windows machine.

Key Features
  • Application is developed to perform chat activities between employees and patients in a medical organization.
  • It ensure private as well as Organization based chatting i.e. a user using app can have their private chat with any users as well have chat under Organization.
  • The app ensure end to end encryption of messages sent through them as a security advantage.
  • Application has simple and latest Windows 11 UI theme, which enhances the usability.

.Net UWP, WebAPI, C#, SignalR .Net Core library, Angular 12 with Angular materials, GitLab


An online job portal for the medical related jobs.

Key Features
  • Hospital/Company representatives can post the advertisements of different Job openings for different medical professions.
  • The application offer features to manage both full time and part time Jobs.



“PICAMA Managed Care” is an insurance care application developed on .Net MVC Framework.

Key Features
  • Application is developed to perform training activities between employees and patients in a medical organization.



Picama DMP 2 is an upgraded version of existing Insurance Management Application Picama DMP for structured treatment programs in accordance with German standards.

Key Features
  • It enables health insurances to meet the requirements of DMP programs with highest efficiency.
  • It provides a tool that allows clerks to concentrate their efforts on supporting the currently insured and claiming new potential customers.

Angular 14, WebAPI, C#, SQL, GitLab


An online platform for selling premium watches.

Key Features
  • Enhanced ‘Employee promotions’ along with ‘consumer loyalty’.
  • Documentations of all modules for future references.
  • There were substantial effort saving, added flexibility and improved performance.

JAVA version 8, Angular JS, NPM

Case Study

An application for managing different projects for an automobile giant in Germany.

Key Features
  • Has a dashboard which displays timeline graph of different project.
  • Customized start/ home page based on project/ department.
  • A guided tour which provides an interactive way of how to use the application.

ASP, .net, MVC, C#, TypeScript, SQL Server, Infragistics, Entity Framework


Website that is used by the user to monitor and control the smartfox appliances via the smartfox control device.

Key Features
  • Include the monitoring and control of the different user devices like the Car Charger, Boiler etc.
  • Allows the user the ability to control the devices remotely from a PC or mobile.
  • Allows the user to compare the different data.

PHP 5.5.9, Symfony 2.4 framework, MongoDB 3.2.22, JQuery and Javascript

MARKANT Enterprise Content Management

Markant provides progressive, comprehensive solutions throughout your entire value chain and helps companies to take business units to the next level.

Key Features
  • Provisioning of all business documents like invoices, delivery notes, receipts and much more in a B2B online archive portal.
  • Contributing to improve and develop Markant's Service and Product.

Java, Vaadin, Angular, SOAP, REST, SQL, JSON, XML and many others...

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Exploded View

Exploded View is focusing on developing an application for viewing in an exploded way.

Key Features
  • Can be used by any industry by the dealers or vendors for ordering the parts in an easiest way.
  • Order a part or component in a single click.
  • 3D model where the user can have the 3D view of the component.

Angular JS, Restlet API.

Case Study
Radio Sai

Radio Sai is a web application designed for sharing information via Audio, Video, Pictures and Radio Stream for the Sai devotees.

Key Features
  • Managing large set of audio files.
  • Playlists Management for Audio, Article and Video.
  • Dynamic Filters to provide the accurate results.
  • Global Search on the whole fields of audio, video, article and gallery.

Node js, express, typescript, html 5, react, MongoDB, Microservices, Docker Containers, eureka server, ngnix

Warehouse Management

An application for CGM E-commerce website.

Key Features
  • Order tracking and monitoring.
  • Consignment creation for bulk product transportation.
  • Assigning the orders to the pick-up boys.

Asp.Net WebAPI, C#, MongoDB, JQuery, Ajax, JSON, Angular 7, Type Script, Microservices (Architecture)

Stadtwerke Güstrow

Web application to provide tariff information.

Key Features
  • User gets up to date tariff details on electricity, natural gas, drinking water and heating services.
  • User friendly website.
  • Developed using Typo3/Typo version 8.

PHP, Typo3/Typo script version 8. Various dynamic content elements are created and used as per the layout.


Realit is a website aimed at the facilitating property based transaction.

Key Features
  • Website on real estate.
  • Property wise PDF download.
  • Developed using Wordpress.

Wordpress, PHP, AJAX, jQuery, Mysql, Html


Information for the users to get an idea about the events which are going to happen on certain arenas.

Key Features
  • Updates on ongoing events on certain arenas.
  • Event calendar that indicates date, time and venue.

Typo3/Typo Script


Teka is a Typo3 based website which is used mainly to list products.

Key Features
  • It handles the data from a customized form of open source product management system called Adempiere.
  • This project gives equal importance to UI design and functionalities.
  • In spite of Typo3 admin, a special Teka admin was also programmed in order to create/update dynamic contents in static pages.
  • Synchronisation process for integrating the products added in Adempiere to typo3 is also implemented for a faster website user experience.


Goethe Portal

Goethe portal comprises of five web portals of the five Goethe Zentrum's in India.

Key Features
  • Online payment.
  • SMS to students on updates.
  • Fee payment for course/exam for the seats opened in backend.
  • Event management.


Desktop Applications

We provide platform-specific and cross-platform desktop applications that serve our clients operating in different business. We focus on User Convenience, Quality Assurance, Security, and Long-term maintenance. We have our experts’ hands in projects that face challenges in Memory and High Performance.

Java-Swing Eclipse-RCP C++ (WinAPI, MFC, WTL) .NET Framework (WinForms, WPF)

High Security Intelligent License Tag System

Key Features
  • Enhanced public security.
  • Faster detection and prevention of vehicle misuse.
  • Profound vehicle control of suspicious parked cars without owner/driver availability.
  • In-depth vehicle control of moving traffic at vehicle control passing gates (e.g. borders, restricted area, mobile traffic check point).

An application developed to handle license plate production.

Key Features
  • Handle license plate production.
  • Separate human machine interfaces developed for laser stations, embossing machines and zebra printers.
  • J2EE application using spring, JAX-RS, Hibernate and MySQL.

J2EE, Spring, JAX-RS, Hibernate, MySQL, VC#

P1-Patter Design

An application software for designing the cloths based on knitting so that the output can be provided to the Knitting machine.

Key Features
  • Color Management.
  • Yarn Management.
  • Yarn Carrier Management.
  • Complex views such as StitchNotationView(Drawing the stich notations in the needle bed for 10000 * 5000 rows and columns, with up to 13 zoom levels).
  • SymbolView(Used for drawing the 10000*5000 row dresses) etc.

WPF technology

Rig Loader

A desktop application which is used in the Rigs to calculate and compare the loads on the legs of the rigs.

  • Rig Vessel Stability Calculation based on different Operations(Floating, Drilling, Jacking, Preload and Storm).
  • Warnings and hints of RigVessel instability.
  • Different Types of Load Reports, according to the criteria.
  • Customizable Components according to the rig.

WPF, .NetFramework, C#, MongoDB

Image Import

A software which uses the Image processing techniques so that the colors used in the supplied image is reduced to the available colors in the database. This reduced image is used for Designing the P1 Software.

  • Noise Removal
  • Image Quantization
  • Color Reduction

WPF technology, .NET


Software developed to efficiently manage key restaurant operations.

  • Order management
  • Table management
  • Menu management
  • Food ordering platform integration
  • Recipe management

WPF, .NET, PostgreSQL

Xplorer Outlook Add-In

A customised Addin that can be configured for Outlook.

Key Features
  • Import Documents
  • Preserve documents
  • Search and Manage documents

C#.NET, Addin-Express, Exchange, Office365.

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