Bike Parking App

The bike parking app is developed together with our client in Zurich for one of the cities in Stuttgart. This is an automated bike parking building which helps the users to park their bike safely by opting for an hourly or a monthly subscription model. This also brings a cultural enrichment to the city by promoting the use of the bicycle and preventing disorderly parking.

The communication with a PLC system control and exchange and then process corresponding commands. The system consists of an administrator tool, where the bicycle parking garages are registered with the number of gates and bicycle boxes. In addition, the system always knows exactly which boxes are occupied and free and which are reserved, for example. With the app for smartphones, the customer (cyclist) can use a desired box in short-term or long-term parking and make the payment online.


Flutter, Firebase Realtime Database, Stripe SDK Dart, Java, Swift, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Stripe Payment Gateway, Firebase, OPC UA Server, OPC UA Client, SMS Gateway, SQL Server database

  • Registration and Login using email and Mobile Number.
  • Park-in feature - Registered users can choose Parking tower and it will show the list of slots available for parking. User can select any available slot and can park in the tower by scanning the respective Slot QR code. using the inbuilt scanner of the app.
  • Park-out Feature - The user can scan the parkout QR code using the inbuilt scanner of the app and make the payment in order to release the bike for the tower.
  • Tower Listing Feature - Use can view and select towers that supports this parking function.
  • Short term parking and Subscribed parking features are available. In short term, user can park without making slot reservations. While in subscribed parking, the slots will be reserved as per the user selection for a fixed period of time.
  • Subscription feature - the user can subscribe the slots of particular tower in 3 ways: Weekly, Monthly and annually. The subscribed user will also have their slots reserved in the respective tower. The subscribed user will have the added privilege of park in and park out as quickly as possible.
  • Online Payment feature - The app supports multiple payment options online for both short term and subscription basis.

*Note: Copyright and Trademark of the respective product lie with the client.