AI and Data Analytics

Artificial Intelligence

iworxs focus on human-centered AI to help our customers achieve more. We help our customers in gaining better understanding and interpretation of the data, apply reasoning and engage in natural way. This ensures that the importance of the human elements is not lost on businesses.iworxs has the talent, knowledge and advanced technologies that allow the machines to sense and act for a successful AI solution. We have advance analytics and process automation solutions for different verticals like Retail, Healthcare, E-commerce, Real Estate. Life science and HR Management.

iworxs has worked on.
  • Inside sales automation for a B2B sales team.
  • Live video based alerts for a Café.
  • Competitor product price extraction for e-commerce.
  • Sales and Marketing Analytics for online grocery.
  • Data Analytics solutions for FMCG, Clinics and Mobile OEM.
Technology Stack

Python, R, Scala, Apache Spark, Hadoop, Wolfarm Mathematica.

Machine Learning

TenserFlow, PyTorch, Keras, Apache Mahout, scikit-learn.

Natural Learning Process

Natural Language Toolkit, TextBlob, SpaCy, Protégé, Gensim, Stanford NLP, Gate.


BluePrism, UIPath, Winautomation.


Tableau, Power BI, D3.js, Plotly

Data Analytics

Simply put, it is analysis of huge amounts of data. It is a process where large amounts of varying data is analyzed to find user preferences, market trends and other relevant information to enable organizations for effective decision making and growth.Data brings focus to your growth; you can pull out the patterns and start to build strategies that ensure you deliver the best experiences to your Clients.iworxs help you get control of your analytics platforms to deliver you with valuable data that matches your business objectives.We help our customers get prepared for delivering successful data science projects. Our approach to solve your business data solutions is to;

Research and understand your business domain.

(RapidMiner, Amazon S3, ApacheHBASE, Amazon Redshift, MongoDB, MySQL, SQL Server, SQL Azure)

Clean, Transform and structure the retrieved data.

(Talend, Kafka, AirFlow, SAS, SQS, AWS Glue, Azure Datafactory)

Process the data by exploring and identifying the data points.

(Python, SPSS, R, KNIME)

Predictive modeling

(Python, R, TenserFlow, Scikit-Learn)

Data visualization.

(PowerBI, Tableau, Plotly, Pentaho, D3.js)


Better analysis than conventional methods, Take more-informed decisions, Uncover potential opportunities, Create effective marketing strategies and activities, Increase in working efficiency.

  • Power
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing

Case Study

Face / Object / Activity Detection

A convolution neural network developed for object detection from images or video frames.

Key Challenge
  • Most efficient and robust iteration of a convolution neural network.
  • Classify multiple classes of objects from a single frame.
  • Detect human activity in real time.
  • Able to detect anomalies.

Python, OpenCv, YOLO, PoseNet, CNN or LSTM

Case Study

An online real estate management system.

Key Features
  • System has an AI feature that scans through the uploaded PDF documents to recognize the category of the document such as rental agreement, security, settlements etc.
  • It keeps track of the reports, history and other documents.

Custom PHP Framework, MySQL, Python , Jquery

Smart Camera App

Most efficient neural network for object detection from images or video frames.

  • Suitable for Restaurants/Malls.
  • Face/Object detection.
  • Identifies emergency situations like Fire breaking, fight etc.
  • Works as a solution for finding free tables/corners in Restaurants.

Python, Yolo model

Exploded View

An application for viewing a 3D model.

Key Features
  • Data cleaning – filters out pdfs from whole data, removing cluttered pdf which don’t fail under our assumptions.
  • Splitting components in pdf and mapping with data from excel.
  • Mapping the component coordinates with new coordinates.
  • Script to populate the databases with newly mapped component id and location coordinate.
  • Help Automobile industries to view parts in 3D model.

Python 3, OCR Technology