Exploded View is focusing on developing an application for viewing a 3D model in an exploded way. The 3D model will be split open into individual parts and separated by a distance to reveal all internal parts that constitute the model.

Key Challenges
  • Using dwg file results in challenge due to lack of libraries available for processing dwg files.
  • Exploded view can be generated much cheaply while creating the model so clients must not invest solely for exploded view.
  • The 3D viewer is available from Autodesk which supports exploded view for free.

Our Approach

  • With Node JS, Forge APIs, we are able to develop a 3D view supported by web browser.
  • The forge viewer API provide an option for exploded view in itself.
  • It can be implemented using Node JS.
  • We can upload a dwg file and view within a browser and can adjust the exploded view effect using a slider.