iworxs serves its Austrian client, who works on the non-conventional energy management. It has got web and native mobile app (iOS and Android) for the visualization of electrical parameters with statistical analysis upon the usage of this device on user level. This will enable the user to monitor the total and individual power consumption of their electrical devices like Car Charger, Boiler etc. Central feature of the app is to grant the user mobile access to data about selling power, additional purchase of power, redirection of power via the app, cost- and co2-reduction and a time-based analysis of usage, energy and power.

Key Challenges
  • Performance issues.
  • Managing the huge data from so many customers which are ever growing.
  • Load on the server when all the devices call the server at the same time.

Our Approach

  • Since this is a Big Data project, we selected a NoSQL DB which is MongoDB.
  • With MongoDB as the database and the routing techniques, the load from the different devices were smartly managed.
  • The application is written in PHP Symfony framework which is one of the strong and stable frameworks available in the technology field.
  • The iOS and Android app have to clearly convey the idea to the user, for which we have custom made all the graphs and charts.