IoT and Industrial Automation

IoT and Industrial Automation

Increase production uptime and reduce operational risks. The Internet of Things for industries enables you to collect and analyse data from connected assets and places to deliver actionable insights in an industrial environment.

We work together with our client in Austria to have gained the experience that it is the better way to supply private households and businesses with photovoltaic energy. This way we not only help them to reduce operating costs, but also contribute to a cleaner planet.

As a full-service solar provider, Our client is also able to server their customer enjoy the benefits of clean and renewable energy. This helps their customers Generate electricity themselves instead of buying expensive!

Technologies Used

PHP, Symfony, Java(firmware in the field devices), Symfony, AJAX.

Case Study

Key Features:
  • A single web portal and mobile application to monitor the electrical parameters.
  • The system communicated to the field devices to fetch the data and show it to the user.
  • The historical data are also shown to the users to analyse the energy usage and production trends.
  • Remotely monitoring the operation of the Car charger, Boiler etc.
Case Study