Major Oil Company

Our team supported in data migration for a major oil company.

Key Challenges

To come up with a strategy to migrate all the Vessel data to SAP Plant Maintenance. Client’s data is spread over several documents and databases and Excel sheets. The entire migration needed to be completed in three month’s time.

Our Approach

iworxs had to come up with a strategy to transfer the vessel data to the SAP Data loading template and from there to SAP ERP Plant Maintenance system. The conversion items listed below are the main items identified as “core data” in SAP Plant Maintenance.

We used the following Migration Steps:
  • Analyze the requirement and identify data and data sources.
  • Extract the data from multiple sources if required and make available in file or db form Step 3: Run all data cleansing techniques and sanitize.
  • Consolidate data from multiple sources to the required SAP data load templates.
  • Review and approve the data to be loaded.
  • Validate the data in SAP before loading.
  • Load data using one of the data transfer methods listed below Step 8: Reconcile the loaded data and correct errors iteratively.

Solution Highlights

  • To mitigate the risk of data migration, iworxs requested client to create a dedicated data migration team at the early stage of the project to collate the information required in the SAP Data upload templates under the guidance of our consultants along with the core team members of Client to achieve the necessary activities of data preparation and upload in time.
  • iworxs consultants developed necessary Data Upload programs for upload of master and cut over data to SAP system. Data Extraction and Validation was the prime responsibility of Core project Team.
  • Data collection, formatting, cleansing, and validating data loaded into SAP ERP were performed in an efficient manner, addressing any discrepancy found between the flat file data and SAP ERP.
  • Our consultants shared the knowledge pertaining to the data migration process and SAP ERP Plant Maintenance objects / data structures within SAP ERP to collaborate effectively with other teams with data conversions.
  • Our consultants also developed a set of reports to help our client with data validations once the data was transferred into SAP ERP.

Benefits Delivered

Our solution based on current trends in technologies, homegrown templates and excellent ERP team, delivered what was promised to our customer:

  • Accelerating delivery and achieving on-time go-live.
  • Enhancing data quality (up to 20 percent improvement).
  • Reducing the development effort for main data objects by 60 percent.
  • Reducing the number of load cycles required for a successful go-live by 60 percent.
  • Delivering one “single version of the truth” for fact-based decision-making.