iworxs serves Markant since 2006. We are still providing deep and strong experience in software development and in developing and implementing high-end document management systems. Markant provides progressive, comprehensive solutions throughout the entire value chain and helps suppliers and retailers to take their business units to the next level. Markant massively optimise their processes and payment systems, provide them with the needed data and takes the burden off. This helps companies to focus on the important things, such as achieving their primary business goals. Therefore Markant choose iworxs as a software development partner.

Key Challenges
  • Migration from Vaadin Framework to Angular.
  • Migration the existing document retrieval web app written in Java and based on top of Vaadin Framework to a fast and modern Angular web app.
  • Finding resources having the needed hard and soft skills.
  • Establishing distributed and cross-functional scrum teams.
  • Adaptive resource management to fit the client's business requirements.

Our Approach

  • Started recruiting resources having experience in developing Web applications and trained them in Vaadin.
  • Keeping backup resources to patch up the technical failures, if any, and unplanned/sick leaves of the existing resource.
  • Taking consistent feedback from the client to help the resources understand what requires more attention.

Benefits Delivered

  • Helping to improve and develop client's Service and Product Portfolio.
  • Helping in reducing client's technical debts.
  • Helping in making client's solutions cloud ready.
  • Helping the client to master their Digitization Initiative.