P1-Patter Design

P1 is a software for Knitting Machines. This is a windows based application for a German manufacturer of knitting machines and pattern preparation systems. We were mainly involved in creating software for the knitting technology, design patterns and components and also to develop a platform using the WPF technology, which would help automate the knitting tasks. In these knitting machines, the needles are placed on knitting beds (mostly 2 beds, but in complex machines there may be additional beds). Number of needles will depend upon the machine type used. Stitch notation view represents the state of these beds and its needles after knitting each row. A pattern can have size up to 10000(rows) X 5000(needles). All these are shown in stitch notation view against different zoom levels.


Drawing/Rendering 10000 * 5000 cells in multiple zoom levels with performance and memory optimization


WPF technology, .NET