Premium Watch Maker

iworxs supported in data migration using HANA for a premium watch manufacturer

Key Challenges

  • Migrate Oracle database (Business Suite ECC 6.0) to SAP HANA.
  • Compress database.
  • Minimize downtime and achieve high system availability.
  • Optimize various NetWeaver components - GTS/ECC/PO.

Our Approach

  • In place upgrade and DB migration using Database Migration Option (DMO).
  • Deployment of in house and SAP tools (data volume management), packages and table splitters (for database export) to minimize downtime.
  • Optimization of downtime and potential issues through several production mock runs.
  • Use of benchmark tool for run feel of migration throughout.
  • Continuous cluster and pool table checks prior to migration.

Benefits Delivered

  • Downtime reduced through migration optimization by parallelization and table splitting.
  • High RTO achieved through reduced backup and restore time.
  • 25 % increase of system refresh speed.
  • Analysis of issues prior to migration enabled through cluster and pool check table run with BCD numbers check.