Rig Loader

A desktop application which is used in the Rigs to calculate and compare the loads on the legs of the rigs. There are mainly four modes of operations. Floating, Drilling, Jacking, Preload and Storm. For all these modes the loads on each leg on rig can be calculated. This load will be depending upon weight of different components in the rig. These components are configurable and will vary according to the rigs. There can be mainly three types of components(Lightship, Solid and Liquid). In case of liquid the load is calculated based on the reference table provided for each type of liquid. The application also provides warnings and hints if the load exceeds the threshold. There are options to take load reports based on different criteria.

Technology stack

WPF, .NetFramework, C#, MongoDB

  • Rig Vessel Stability Calculation based on different Operations(Floating, Drilling, Jacking, Preload and Storm).
  • Warnings and hints of Rig Vessel instability.
  • Different Types of Load Reports, according to the criteria.
  • Customizable Components according to the rig.

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