Smart Camera App

Smart Camera is an artificially intelligent application which can sense certain events after the visual image processing. This system is developed for Bars, Pubs, Restaurants where there is a lot of crowd and it becomes difficult for the security to keep the vigil all the time at all the places. The system gets the camera feed from CCTV over the local network, where the system running in the local server analyses the visuals and detects the events and saves in the Database. A Java server is created to create the APIs which will be consumed by the admin portal to view the visuals and the analytics.

Key Challenges
  • Visual image processing of a crowded place.
  • Realtime analysis of the visuals.
  • Performance of the application when more cameras are connected
  • Lighting of the area
Our Approach
  • Our approach was to first analyze the requirements, then discuss and decide on the architecture of the application.
  • The models were created to process the visuals in real time.
  • For the low lighting models were trained over a period of time to improve the performance.
  • Location of the cameras was equally important
  • Each feature was created as different modules
Benefits Delivered
  • A scalable and performance-oriented app with AI Engine to detect events from CCTV visuals
  • Alarms and Notifications for all the events for the intended admins/Managers