Web Application


my.smartfox.at is a website that is used to monitor and control the smartfox appliances via the smartfox control device. The control device is the core of the smartfox system which can record voltages, current and power that is generated from modules like solar panel. It also has the ability to record those from power generation grid eg (KSEB of Austria). The device also has the ability to control the electrical devices connected to it. e.g. Car Charger and Boiler.

Other Advantages
  • Records the voltages, current and power that is generated from modules like solar panel.
  • Allows the viewing of data that is recorded for a specific time like a particular second or a particular day.

PHP 5.5.9, Symfony 2.4 framework, MongoDB 3.2.22, JQuery and Javascript.

An authenticated user can login via the website and determine whether he wants the "car charger" to start charging his "car" or whether the "boiler" needs to be started to heat water.

This is facilitated by 3 components namely
  • Smartfox control device which accepts and processes requests.
  • The web which sent requests.
  • The socket module which is the communication link between the smartfox device and the web.
Below is a scenario for the user to start his Car charger remotely
  • User logs to his smartfox account.
  • He sent the command to start the Car charger via web.
  • The socket module accepts the request and sent it to the devices.
  • The device processes the request and starts the Car charger connected to it.
  • A response is sent back to the socket module and the socket module sent it to the web.