An online transport facilitating application which helps the user to get different types of vehicles with a wide range of ride types. It allows the users looking for transportation options to move within a particular city and between cities. The users search for the transport options by using mobile applications created in iOS and Android. The mobile apps communicate to a server created in .NET framework which uses Mongo DB and SQL server as databases. Various ride types, vehicle type and fare settings are managed through the admin panel.

Key Challenges
  • Managing the huge location data that comes from the users have to managed and analysed.
  • The architecture of the application has to be in such a way that it should be scalable to multiple times the original capacity.
  • Performance of the application when database size is grown to a great extent.

Our Approach

  • Our approach was to first analyze the requirements, then discuss and decide on the architecture of the application.
  • The mobile application architecture was also crucial for this project. We then chose the right technologies, methods, databases suitable to the final architecture.
  • For managing the huge data, we knew the NoSQL database is the best solution, and Mongo DB will be the best option considering its inbuilt functions to manage the locations.
  • The architecture was micro services based so that the horizontal scaling was possible.
  • Database was also designed in a way to support the cause and to enhance the performance.

Benefits Delivered

  • A scalable and performance oriented app with a fluid UX which helped the client to achieve the desired business output.
  • The project is on-going with new features and maintenance going on.