Taxi App

An Online Transport application which helps the user to get different types of vehicles with a wide range of ride types. There is no need to park or wait for a taxi or bus. With this app, you just tap to request a ride and it is easy to pay with credit or cash in selected cities. This is very similar and has all the features of Uber and Ola.

This application allows users looking for transport options to move within a specific city and between cities. Users search for transport options using mobile applications created in iOS and Android. The mobile applications communicate with a server built in the .NET framework using Mongo DB and SQL Server as databases.

Key Challenges
  • Managing the huge traffic of location update and other server calls that comes from the users [Server Side].
  • Proper Location Update and Notification Mechanisms to the Driver [App Side].
  • The architecture of the application has to be in such a way that it should be scalable to multiple times the original capacity.
  • Performance of the application when database size is grown to a great extent.
Our Approach
  • The basic pillar of our application was the architecture we put forward to support and handle these much requests.
  • Customized OS was very common in the country we implemented the application and hence Push notification and Location update was not reliable. So we went with the FRD for notifying the Driver and Mapping location in the App.
  • The mobile application architecture was also crucial for this project. We then chose the right technologies, methods, databases suitable to the final architecture.
  • For managing the huge data, we knew the NoSQL database is the best solution, and Mongo DB will be the best option considering its inbuilt functions to manage the locations.
  • The architecture was micro services based so that the horizontal scaling was possible.
  • Database was also designed in a way to support the cause and to enhance the performance. We used Both NoSQL and SQL databases for this purpose. MongoDB and MSSQL Server (Sql server manages the account module). MongoDb was used since.
  • Fast location-based search.
  • The possibility of sharing the database and thereby making the database also scalable.
  • Sql Server was specifically used to support the transactions. Since there was concept of Individual Driver Wallet management. So the entire Account Module was developed using the MSSQl Server as the DB in order to have the transactional behavior.
Benefits Delivered
  • A scalable and performance-oriented app with a fluid UX which helped the client to achieve the desired business output.
  • The project is ongoing with new features and maintenance going on.

*Note: Copyright and Trademark of the respective product lie with the client.